Hey y’all! For the next feature, I would love to introduce you all to Penelope!! I met Penelope in Twitter Spaces and we both are involved with the Gettin Dekt project! Penelope is an incredible multimedia artist based out of Florida. Whenever I’m on Instagram I immediately recognize Penelope’s work…

As most of you probably know, I sat on my Foundation invitations for a while. I really wanted to be thoughtful about who I invited and I also wanted to wait until I had built a following, crafted an interview, and had a way to promote the artists I found…

I met Rakesh Pulapa on Twitter and was amazed by his work! As a photographer, I admire other photographers that do strong storytelling and photojournalism. The best way to describe his work is breathtaking and highly skilled. Learn more about Rakesh Pulapa below and support his incredible work.

Quick Stats

Name: Rakesh…

Ash ~ Little Box of Random

I'm Ash! I’m an artist and art fan living in Baltimore. https://linktr.ee/Littleboxofrandom

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