I met Owen on Twitter when I was scouting for folks to receive one of my Foundation invites! Being an artist on Foundation has been a great experience and I wanted to pay it forward. I knew immediately when I saw Owen’s work he should definitely receive one! I’ve been a fan of storm chasing photographers and I really admire the guts they have to put their safety and equipment on the line to get those magical shots! Hope you all enjoy meeting a NFT Photographer on Foundation!

Name: Owen Huisman

Medium: Photography

Location: Ontario, Canada

Business Name: H&H Photography

Website: hhphoto.squarespace.com

Bio: My biggest passion in life is chasing thunderstorms, tornadoes and the beautiful storm structures that come with the territory! That passion aligns very well with photography, so it felt pretty natural to pick up a camera and try my best to document severe weather. I’ve always loved hiking & being in nature, and I’ve worked most of my young life for Provincial Parks or Conservation Authorities, where I’ve developed an even deeper love for natural preservation, which is especially important considering the ongoing climate crisis.

Tell me about your project/work/creative process: My goal will always be to immortalize the beauty of mother nature in any way I can. It doesn’t matter if it’s capturing a tornado over an open field or if it’s getting the perfect snapshot of a waterfall; I want to be able to show the dynamic power of mother nature and all she has to offer. I don’t necessarily want to tell a specific story with my photos; I’d rather leave that up to the viewer.

Who are some of your artistic influences? This might sound cliché, but my girlfriend Meghan has had a profound effect on my ability to focus and the hunger to create, so she’s my number one influence! For artistic inspiration, I think I was 12 years old when Storm Chasers first aired on Discovery Channel and that show had a lasting impact on my life. For what they do as meteorologists and storm chasers; I look up to Reed Timmer and Mark Robinson (Canada represent!). I wouldn’t say this is an artistic influence, but definitely the reason I do what I do, is Tim Samaras. I resonate with Tim’s story being an autodidact and working towards some truly phenomenal scientific contributions to meteorology. Rest in Peace Tim.

Why do you create? What keeps you going as an artist?

While Tim Samaras inspires me to keep chasing my dreams, I’ve always had a natural curiosity, yearning for knowledge and a wandering imagination. I think most of my friends would say the amount of questions I ask about something new is annoying! So, I create to satisfy my own thirst!

What are your dreams and goals in the NFT art world? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

NFTs are very new to me so I’m not sure what their trajectory is in 5 years. I think the biggest thing NFTs offer artists is the ability to make a viable income and a way to pursue your passions more regularly. I hope to be able to create a few collections and have proceeds from there go towards different conservationist efforts and animal shelters. If dreams do become reality, I’d love to pursue photography full time!

Do you have any collaborations you are working on? Or are there any types of people you are looking to collaborate with?

No collaborations currently, but I’m open to them! I’d love to be able to partner with National or Provincial Parks, different Conservation efforts or animal rescues. I’m not sure how it would work but giving back to those efforts are my top priority!

How can the audience get involved and support your work?

If you’re looking to support my work, social media engagement is a great (and free!) way to get involved. If you’d like to take it a step further, purchasing prints, donations, etc, are great ways and I’d be eternally grateful! If you’d like to support the efforts I champion, feel free to contact me on social media or through email & I’d be happy to send you links to those too!

Additional Links + Resources:

Twitter: twitter.com/Legacywx OR twitter.com/HHPhotography10

Instagram: Instagram.com/owenhuis OR Instagram.com/hhphotography88

Store: https://hhphoto.squarespace.com

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/shock-awe

Foundation: https://foundation.app/@OwenHuis

Understanding —A moment of understanding between myself and a blue dasher dragonfly, who hopped from leaf to leaf before settling on this single, lone branch. It seemed as though its eyes were watching, but didn't mind having its picture taken by what was seemingly a giant.

As a person, my passion is conservationism of wildlife and nature. 15% of the purchasing price will be donated to Friends of Algonquin Park, a non-profit dedicated to conservation, research and education relating to Algonquin Provincial Park.

Understanding is available exclusively on Foundation: https://foundation.app/@OwenHuis/understanding-73044

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